Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about selling

Our business model is to take a percentage of the sale price when your property sells. We do not charge up front fees.

Definitely. We have access to some of the best photographers and videographers in Chiang Mai. We can even create a VR (Virtual Reality) tour.

On top of our highly visible website we also have a mailing list of potential buyers. We have a personal one-to-one relationship with our clients and our specialty is connecting the right people with the right property.

On top of that we have very active social media platforms and a large number of useful connections throught the area.

Our preferred business model is to be your sole agent. That means that however your property sells we are due our commission. However we have a flexible attitude and try to accommodate all circumstances.

There are so many factors and many of them are out of our control. However we do have a lot of connections and always keep up to date with current trends. We are constantly looking for ne markets and new ways to connect people with properties. Lanna Property believe that we have all the tools needed to expedite your sale.

Questions about Purchasing

Please get in touch with us by completing this inquiry form. Once we know what you are looking for we will make inquiries all over the area. We also have some properties that the owners do not want us to show on our website.

At the present time foreigners are not permitted to own land in Thailand. However there are many ways to secure a piece of land on which to build your own house. We can also arrange 100 percent safe solutions for you to purchase your home. Please contact us and we will be happy to outline the possibilities.

General Questions

We do not recommend doing that. The usual practice is to order bottled water which is delivered to you weekly. The system works fine and is not at all expensive. One crate of 20 plastic bottles around 30baht – one crate of 24 glass bottles around 60 baht.

Yes there are several banks that have specialist departments catering to foreigners living in Thailand. You can have an ATM debit card as well as a Credit card.

In the village areas there are often charges for garbage collection etc. They are often collected at your door.
For electricity bills you can pay at 7 Eleven stores or direct at the electricity offices.
If you are supplied with municipal water you will receive a bill that can be paid at any 7 Eleven.
Internet providers have phone apps and you can pay using them.

Yes there are many gas appliances in use – mainly for cooking and water heating.
Gas is supplied in bottles and there is a great delivery service. Just pick up teh phone and a new bottle will be brought to your property.

Yes there are many options for property insurance – we can help get the best solution.

Yes there are many companies offering an selection of different health insurance options. Not all health insurance policies are the same. We can help put you in touch with the best solution for your personal requirements.

Yes – no problem at all. There are a large number of car and motorcycle dealers to choose from.

You will have to take a simple driving test to receive your license to drive a car or motorcycle. 2 different licenses are required – one for car and one for motorbike. They must be renewed at regular intervals.

Yes – you will find a large selection of both international rental companies as well as local options.


Thai systemMetric System
1 square wha4 square meters
1 ngan (100 square wha)  400 square meters
1 rai (4 ngan) (1 sq cen)1600 square meters
1 baht15.16 grams